Cafe Cortado Takeaway and Delivery Menu

This is an initial pilot to assess the level of interest and gain feedback from people.

We are only a small business with three staff but any orders will go towards supporting a local business and people.

Any money made after covering the cost of food, staff and operations will be donated to a local food bank.


Call us on (01270) 623470 with an order. Please have your payment cad ready.

We don't plan on charging for deliveries but ask for at least a £5 minimum spend.

Please place orders between 9am & 11am for the lunchtime delivery slot – approximately 12pm-1pm

Orders for afternoon delivery by 3pm for delivery between approximately 4pm & 5pm.

Ideally payment should be made by debit/credit card on the phone when ordering. We will bring a receipt with your order.

Payment on delivery does increase risk and we want to avoid this.

If you have to pay by cash, please try to have the exact amount or tell us what you will be paying with e.g. £10 note when you order. Please place the money in an envelope.

We will then supply you with any change in a new, unused enveloped secured with your order.


Your order will be brought to your door, we will knock/ring the doorbell, step back 2 meters but leave the order on your doorstep. We will not touch the handle of the bag we delivery.

Lunchtime Deliveries

12pm – 1pm

(Please order between 9am &11am)

Afternoon Deliveries


(Please order by 3pm)

Deliveries available Monday to Friday

Jacket Potatoes(d)
1 Filling £2.95/2 Fillings £3.75/3 Fillings £4.25
Cheese(d), Beans,
Low Fat Cottage Cheese(d), Tuna Mayo(f,e,mu)

1 Fillings £2.95/2 Fillings £3.75/3 Fillings £4.25
Cheese(d), Onion, Bacon, Ham,
Mushrooms, Spinach, Chorizo(d)

Add Fresh Salad for £1.75

Homemade Soup (v)
with bread(g) £3.25/without bread £2.75

Hot Food
Beef or Mixed Bean Chilli(v) & Baked Potato(d) £3.95
Hot Food Specials £3.95/£4.95

2 Fillings £3.15/3 Fillings £3.90
Ham & Cheese, Cheese & Onion(v), Bacon & Cheese

Warm Panini(g)
2 Fillings £3.25/3 Fillings £4.00
Tuna Mayo & Cheese(d,e,f,mu) Bacon, Brie(d) & Cranberry,
Cheddar(d) & Chutney, Ham & Cheese(d)

2 Fillings £3.25/3 Fillings £4.00
Ham and Tomato, Tuna Mayo Salad(d,e,f,mu),
Cheese Ploughmans(d), Chicken Salad.
Or choose your own from the typical fillings

Salads £3.25
Ham, Chicken, Cheese(d) &Tuna Mayonnaise Salad (d,e,f,mu)
Filled Baguettes – All £3.95
Sweet Chilli Chicken and Bacon
BBQ Chicken & Smoked Bacon with Cheese(c,d,g,so)
Cheddar Cheese Ploughmans(d)
Ham Salad
Bacon, Brie and Cranberry(d)
Tuna Mayonnaise Salad

Only available for lunchtime delivery

Bacon(d,g), Sausage(d,g,so,su) Sandwich £2.95
Veggie Sausage(d,g,so,su) Sandwich £2.95
Beans on Toast(g) £2.95
Cheese on Toast(d,g) £3.25
Toasted Teacake(d,g,so) £1.95
Crumpets(d,g,so) £1.95
Porridge (made with jumbo oats)(d,g) £1.75

Cans (Coke, Cawston Press, Rio etc) £1.00/£1.20
Bottled Water 500ml (Still/Flavoured) £0.90/£1.00
Flavoured Sparkling Water (500ml) £1.00
Fruit Juice 250ml (Apple or Orange) £1.00

Cakes and Snacks
Homemade Cookie(g,d,e,so) £0.75
Homemade Victoria Sponge Slice (d,e,g) £2.50
Homemade Lemon Drizzle Cake Slice (d,e,g) £2.00
Walkers Crisps £0.85
Kettle Chips £0.95


Please talk to us if you have any Allergies.

All foods are subject to availability

Allergen Information
Foods containing:
(c) Celery (p) Peanuts
(g) Cereals containing gluten (se) Sesame Seeds
(d) Milk/Dairy (so) Soybeans
(e) Eggs (su) Sulphites (f) Fish (n) Tree Nut
(mu) Mustard

No Crustacean, Lupin or Mollusc ingredients.