Healthy Options

HealthyJacket Potatoes
1 Filling £2.75/2 Fillings £3.50/3 Fillings £4.00
Suggestions – Cheese (30g) & Beans, Creamy Chicken & Bacon (0s), Light Tuna Mayo (1s)

Baked Sweet Potato Halves
1 Filling £3.25/2 Fillings £4.00 3 Fillings £4.50
Suggestions – Quark & Bacon Bits, Balsamic Tuna, Red Onion & Sweetcorn. Jerk Chicken & Peppers

1 Fillings £2.75/2 Fillings £3.50/3 Fillings £4.00
Suggestions – Bacon & Mushroom, Spinach, Onion & Peppers, Ham & Cheese (30g)

Chicken or Quorn Pieces and Rice
Mediterranean, Mexican or Jerk £3.85
Spiced Chicken Breast strips or Quorn Pieces served on a bed of seasoned rice with vegetables (1.5s)

Make Your Own Salads
1 Fillings £3.00/2 Fillings £3.75/3 Fillings £4.50
On a base of mixed leaves, shredded beetroot, cucumber, tomato & red onion.
Suggestions – Chicken & Avocado (+£1), Cottage Cheese, Sweetcorn & Red Onion or Ham & Beetroot

Pasta Salads
Creamy Chicken and Bacon £4.25
Cherry Tomato & Basil or Light Tuna Mayo (1 S) £3.50

Wholemeal Sandwiches
Made using 2 x 40g Slices Wholemeal bread (2s as HeB)
2 Fillings 2.75/3 Fillings £3.50/4 Fillings £4.00

Lower Carb Sandwiches
Made using multi seed lower carb bread (3s as HeB)
2 Fillings £3.25/3 Fillings £4.00/4 Fillings £4.50
Suggestions – Ham & 1SinSlaw (1s), Lemon Pepper Chicken (1s), Light Tuna Mayo Salad (1s)

Special Slaws 75p
Balsamic Slaw 1 SinSlaw (with very low fat mayo) Citrus Slaw

Side Salad/Salad & Slaw £1.75
Fresh mixed leaves, red onion, tomato and cucumber

Creamy Vanilla Quark & Summer Fruits £2.00
Cool, creamy Quark with Skinny Vanilla Syrup heaped over Summer Fruits


Served until 12pm

Cortado Breakfast £4.95
(2x rindless bacon, scrambled egg* grilled tomato, mushrooms & beans)

Veggie Breakfast (1s) £4.95
(2x Linda McCartney Sausages, scrambled egg* grilled tomato, mushrooms & beans)

Please ask if you want to include a slice of wholemeal toast.

Scrambled Eggs* or Beans on Toast (2s as HeB) £2.75

Poached Eggs with Spinach £2.75

Porridge (made with approx 100ml skimmed milk) £1.50
Add Sultanas, Cinnamon. Blueberriess or Honey  £0.50

Fat Free Yogurt & Summer Fruits  £2.75

*(Inc. *Approx 50ml skimmed milk)


Skinny Latte / Flat White £2.50
(Add Skinny Syrup - Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mocha & Irish Cream) £0.50
Skinny Cappuccino £2.45
Americano £2.45
Skinny Cortado £2.25
Espresso £2.15
Tea for One £2.25
Selection of Premium and Fruit Teas £2.35
Low CalorieHot Chocolate (60 Cal/50ml Skimmed Milk/2.5s) £2.50

Diet Coke/Coke Zero//Tropical Rio £1.00
Cawston Press £1.20
Bottled Water (Still & Sparkling) £0.90
Flavoured Sparkling Water £1.00
Fruit Juice (Apple or Orange) £1.00

Quantities, Nutritional Information etc... are intended as a guide to help you choose dishes to fit your lifestyle.
We are not dieticians, nutritionists or bromatologists!